The Beginning and End of Shakespeare Project by Philip and Mary Sidney, 1577 to 1743

A one-way anagram should associate with its text to make it meaningful.

Michael Drayton's Meridianis is a perfect anagram of Mary Sidney. Thomas Middleton's Crickets to Critic is a one-way anagram. Philip Sidney's "Philisides, the shepheard good and true" is a one-way anagram, saying Philip Sidney is a good and true shepherd of the Protestants.
One-way anagram was created by Philip Sidney in 1577. The last one was made in William Shakespeare Statue in Wilton House, 1743. The method can solve many difficult lines in Shakespeare.

- Costard broken in a shin
- Fontybell and Diana Capilet
- Kate Keep-down
- Christopher Sly and his boy-wife Bartholomew
- James Gournie
- Ragozine
- Alice Short-cake
- A green and gilded snake
-  . . . (hundreds of others)
To confirm a one-way anagram is harder than to find one; e.g., in "Costard broken in a shin," it's confirmed by repeating the pattern, and in "James Gournei" by related supporting words (toys aborad).

1577, Philip Sidney's Song of Accession Day Tile

Philisides, the shepheard good and true, 1
Came by Menalcas' house, the husbandman,
With songs of love, and praise of Mira's hue, 2
Whose fair sweet looks make him look pale and wan.
It early was; Menalcas forth was bound 3
With horse and man, to sow and till the ground.

[1] "Philisides and" spells Philip Sidney, or Philip Sidney is a one-way anagram of "Philisides and."
[2] "and praise of Mira" spells Mary Sidney.
[2] "Menalcas, bound with hourse" spells Wilton House, Wiltshire.
[3] "bound with horse" spells Henry Herbert.
    Menalcas is a perfect anagram of manacles.
    Henry Herbert is Mary Sidney's manacles.

1743, Shakespeare Statue in Wilton House

William Shakespeare's statue was erected in Westminster Abbey in 1740. Monument of the statue is taken from The Tempest:
The Cloud cupt Tow'rs,
The Gorgeous Palaces
The Solemn Temples,
The Great Globe itself
Yea all which it Inherit,
Shall Dissolue;
And like the baseless Fnbrick of a Vision
Leave not a wreck behind.
The same statue was erected in Wilton House with a different monument in 1743:
LIFE’s but a walking SHADOW
a poor PLAYER
That struts and frets his hour
upon the STAGE
And then is heard no more!
Mary Sidney "is heard no more."
The Herberts created and maintained Shakespeare.

Ben Jonson

If we apply this method to the first line of First Folio:
A tempestuous noise of Thunder and Lightning heard:
Enter a Ship-master, and a Boteswaine.

MASTER. Bote-swaine.
Bote-swaine can only spell one name, Ben Jonson, whose master is Mary Sidney Herbert.

One-way anagram in The Countess of Pembroke's Arcadia.

Thomas Middleton's Crickets

Thou breedest crickets, I think, and that will serve for the anagram to a critic. Come, I know thy grief; — The World Tossed at Tennis

Michael Drayton's Meridianis

(Shakespeare Authorship Question)

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