Martin Droeshout’s Secret Engraving

Shakespeare portrait in the First Folio was done by Martin Droeshout. His full name appeared only once here among all his works. Martin Droeshout can spell Mary Sidney. It needs letter B to spell Herbert to complete her name.

Martin Droeshout--Mary Sidney Martin Droeshout, B--Mary Sidney Herbert

The missing B is hidden in Shakespeare’s collar. Two lines under his chin shape the collar to letter B instead of D. Collar has the definition of a band round the neck of a dog as a means of control, identification or ornament. This page-collar tells the world that William Shakespeare is a page, servant of Mary Sidney Herbert or the Herberts.

SK.Collar.Martin Droeshout, Shakespeare's Collar Shaped a Letter B

The left one is Shakespeare’s portrait in the First Folio (1623). The right one is a mirrored image in Poems (1640) published by John Benson (?-1667).

Shakespeare's Portraits, in First Folio and Poems

Ben Jonson’s name is spelt as Ben Johnson in his epitaph (O Rare Ben Johnson). Ben Johnson is a perfect anagram (mirror) of John Benson.

John Benson--Ben Johnson

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  1. 'DROESHOUT' is an anagram of
    'HERODOTUS' : "the father of lies"