Contents (Revising)

  1. The Beginning and End of Shakespeare Project
  2. Lamilia's Fable in Robert Greene's Groat's-Worth of Wit
  3. Costard Broken in A Shin
  4. John Milton's Starre-Ypointing Pyramid and Mary Sidney
  5. Shakespeare's Collar by Martin Droeshout
  6. Shakespeare's King John, Guy Earl of Warwick
  7. Name Play in the Countess of Pembroke's Arcadia
  8. Christopher Sly and his Boy Wife Bartholomew
  9. How Shakespeare Names His Characters: Prospero vs. Caliban
  10. How Shakespeare Names His Characters: Pisanio vs. Cloten
  11. How Shakespeare Names His Characters: Portia vs. Shylock
  12. A Lover's Complaint, Edward de Vere and Anne Cecil
  13. Miracle Number 1, 7, 17, 153 in Bible
  14. Three Paintings of Et in Arcadia Ego
  15. Thomas Anson’s Relief, Shugborough Inscription  

Monument and Painting
  1. Shakespeare Monument  
  2. Shakespeare Epitaph  
  1. Othello’s Double Time Scheme (Othello)
  2. M.O.A.I., C’s U’s T’s P’s, and Whoreson Zed (Twelfth Night)
  3. Maria’s Dry Jest  (Twelfth Night)
  4. Courtesan’s Game  (Comedy of Errors)
  5. Methods in Hamlet’s Madness   (Hamlet)
  6. Ophelia’s Free Hand           (Hamlet)
  7. Hamlet’s Hidden Story         (Hamlet)
  8. Hamlet Possessed by the Ghost (Hamlet)
  9. Beautified is a Vild Phrase   (Hamlet)
  10. To be, or Not to Be           (Hamlet)
  11. Let Me See Another            (Hamlet)
  12. Mouse-Trap                    (Hamlet)
  13. Mother, Mother, Mother        (Hamlet)
  14. Muddy Death                   (Hamlet)
  15. Macbeth with Bat’s Power    (Macbeth)
  16. Nashe’s Dilldo to Shakespeare’s Dildo  (LLL)
  17. A Gilt Nutmeg, Lemon, Clove and Cloven (LLL) 
  18. Fair as a text B in a Copy book        (LLL)
  19. Kate the Cursed                (Taming)
  20. Portia’s Cheat, Casket Lottery, Must Give to Win  (Merchant)
  21. Portia’s Cheat, Inseparable Flesh and Blood Trial (Merchant)
  22. Wherefore to Dover            (King Lear) 
  23. King Lear, Smell of Mortality (King Lear)
  24. The Back of His Hand        (Julius Caesar)
  25. Rosemary and Romeo          (Romeo)
  26. Simon Catling               (Romeo)
  27. The Notorious Fistula       (All's Well)
  28. Love’s Own Sweet Constraint (All's Well)
  29. Catch a Cold and Toothache  (Much Ado)
  30. Mountanto                   (Much Ado)
  31. Hannibal Eye                (Measure)
  32. A Table of Green Fields     (Henry V)
  1. Portia and Shylock               (Merchant)
  2. Beatrice and Benedick            (Much Ado)
  3. Cleomines and Dion               (Winter’s Tale)
  4. Escalus and Ragozine             (Measure)
  5. Fortinbras, a Firstborn          (Hamlet)
  6. Prospero and Miranda             (Tempest)
  7. Moyses and Valerius              (Two Gentlemen)
  8. Jaquenetta                       (LLL)
  9. Toby Belch and Andrew Ague-cheek (Twelfth Night)
  10. Timon’s Epitaph                  (Timon)
  11. Lauatch and Isbel                (All’s Well) 
  12. Gregory and Sampson              (Romeo)
  13. Richard du Champ                 (Cymbeline)
  14. Mardian and Charmian             (Cleopatra)
  15. Desdemona in Sagittary           (Othello)
  16. Cordella to Cordelia             (King Lear)
  17. Christopher Sly and Bartholmew   (Taming) 
  18. Book of Riddles, Alice Short-cake (MWW) 
  19. Edmund Spenser’s Nameplay  
  20. Areopagus and Lay of Clorinda  
  1. Ben Jonson, the Beginning (Tempest)
  2. Ariel, the Real I         (Tempest)
  3. Sycorax, Caliban’s Mother (Tempest)
  4. Valentine and Protheus    (Two Gentlemen)
  5. Outlaws                   (Two Gentlemen)
  6. King Lear and Kent        (King Lear)
  7. Tamora and Aaron          (Titus)
  8. Lavinia’s Sandy Plot      (Titus)
  9. Peter Quince the Carpenter          (Midsummer)
  10. Cobweb, Pease-blossom, Mustard-seed (Midsummer)
  11. Hermia and Lysander                 (Midsummer)
  12. Bottom’s Dream                      (Midsummer)
  13. Quinapalus     (Twelfth Night)
  14. Concolinel               (LLL)
  15. Marcade                  (LLL)
  16. Fox, Ape, and Humble Bee (LLL)
  17. Three Apparitions in Macbeth (Macbeth)
  18. A Show of Eight Kings        (Macbeth)
  19. Lady Macbeth’s Sleepwalking  (Macbeth)
  20. Captain’s Battlefield Report (Macbeth)
  21. Pilot’s Thumb Wracked        (Macbeth)
  22. The Third Murderer           (Macbeth)
  23. Knock, Knock, Knock          (Macbeth)
  24. Seeds of Time                (Macbeth)
  25. Catlike Lioness                (As You Like It)
  26. Oliver Mar-text and Touchstone (As You Like It)
  27. Ducdame, Ducdame, Ducdame      (As You Like It)
  28. All the World is a Stage       (As You Like It)
  29. Hamlet and Yorick              (Hamlet)
  30. Polonius, Thick Amber          (Hamlet)
  31. Peal of Ordnance               (Hamlet)
  32. The Inobled Queen              (Hamlet)
  33. Hamlet’s Ghost, Quicksilver    (Hamlet)
  34. Horatio and Hamlet             (Hamlet)
  35. Francis the Drawer             (1 Henry IV)
  36. Let’s Kill All the Lawyers     (2 Henry VI)
  37. He Speaks Latin                (2 Henry VI)
  38. Queen Elizabeth and Lottery    (Merchant)
  39. These Jigging Fools            (Julius Caesar)
Anagram General
  1. Financial Times, Shugborough Inscription  
  2. Confirmation of Anagram  
  3. Emilia Bassano Lanyer  
  4. Anagram in Shakespeare Authorship Question 
Wilton House Poets
  1. References to Philip Sparrow  
  2. Philip Sparrow in King John  
  3. Philip Sparrow in The Widow  
  4. Philip Sparrow in Guy Earl of Warwick  
  5. Phoenix and Turtle  
  6. Shakespeare Statue in Wilton House  
  7. Joshua Sylvester’s Pyramid Anagram  
  8. Hero and Leander, Ganymede and Helles Bracelet 
  9. Hero and Leander, Marigold Emblem 
  10. Percham, Minerva Britanna, William Herbert’s Pyramid Emblem  
  11. John Davies, A Shadow under a Shadow  
  12. John Davies, To our English Terence Mr. Will: Shake-speare  
  13. Nameplay in Robert Greene's Groat's-Worth of Wit 
  14. Lamilia’s Fable in Greene's Groat's-Worth of Wit 
  15. Roberto’s Tale in Greene's Groat's-Worth of Wit 
  16. Mary Sidney, Thenot and Piers in Praise of Astrea  
  17. Philip Sidney, The Lady of May, a Masque  
  18. Philip Sidney, Sir P. S. His Astrophel and Stella  
  19. Edmund Spenser, To the Countess of Pembroke  
  20. Thomas Edwards, L’envoy of Narcissus  
  21. Ben Jonson, An Execration upon Vulcan  

Ben Jonson’s Epigrammes
  1. To the Reader  
  2. To my Book  
  3. To my Book-seller  
  4. To King James  
  5. On The Union  
  6. To Alchymists  
  7. On the New Hot-house  
  8. On a Robbery   
  9. To All, to whom I write  
  10. To my Lord Ignorant  
  11. On Some-thing, That Walkes Some-where  
  12. Inviting a Friend to Supper  
  13. On Poet-Ape  
  14. To One That Desired Me Not To Name Him  
  15. To My Mere English Censurer  
  16. To Court-ling  
  17. To Mrs. Philip Sydney  
  18. To my Muse  
  19. To the learned Critic  
  20. On Play-wright  
  21. To Fine Grand  
  22. An Execration upon Vulcan
The Countess of Pembroke’s Arcadia
  1. Name Play in The Countess of Pembroke’s Arcadia  
  2. Strephon, Claius, Urania  
  3. Pamela, Philoclea, Pamphilus, Dametas, Miso, Mopsa 
  4. Mucedorus and Musidorus  
Shepheardes Calender
  1. Shepherd’s Calendar, "E. K."  
  2. Colin and Rosalinde  
  3. The Origin of Shakespeare  
  4. Lettice Knollys, Robert Dudley, Queen Elizabeth  
  5. Manacles and Menalcas  
  6. Wrenock, Richard Mulcaster  
  7. To His Book by Immerito  
First Folio
  1. To the Reader by Ben Jonson  
  2. To the memory of my beloved, the Author  
  3. John Marston’s Grave’s-Tiring-Room  
  4. On Worthy Master Shakespeare and his Poems  
  5. On Shakespeare, Star-ypoinging Pyramid, John Milton  
  6. Secret of Martin Droeshout’s Engraving  
Sonnets’ Dedication
  1. Mary Sidney’s Wilton House, Mr. W. H. 
  2. Mary Sidney Herbert in Sonnets’ Dedication  
  3. Six Defects in Pairs  
  4. Triple Readable Dedication  
  5. Honorificabilitudinitatibus  
Sonnet 1 to 154
  1. Beauty’s Rose Might Never Die  
  2. Sum My Count  
  3. Face Should Form Another  
  4. Traffic with Thyself  
  5. Summer’s Distillation 
  6. Ten for One  
  7. Golden Pilgrimage  
  8. Strikes Each in Each by Mutual Ordering  
  9. Every Private Widow  
  10. Make Thee Another Self  
  11. Wisdome, Beauty, and Increase  
  12. Violet Past Prime  
  13. Beauty Hold in Lease  
  14. I have Astronomy  
  15. This Huge Stage  
  16. Maiden Gardens  
  17. Numbers Number All  
  18. The Darling Buds of May  
  19. The Lion’s Paws  
  20. A Man in Hue  
  21. Gold Candles in Heaven’s Air  
  22. Youth and Thou Are of One Date  
  23. To Hear with Eyes  
  24. My Body Is the Frame  
  25. The Painful Warrior  
  26. To Witness Duty  
  27. Zealous Pilgrimage  
  28. Swart Complexioned Night  
  29. Change My State with King’s  
  30. Sessions of Sweet Silent Thought  
  31. Holy and Obsequious Tear  
  32. Better Equipage  
  33. One Hour Mine  
  34. Rotten Smoke  
  35. Sensual Fault  
  36. Blots with Me Remain  
  37. Engrafted to this Store  
  38. The Tenth Muse  
  39. How to Make One Twain  
  40. Robbery Gentle Thief  
  41. Two-fold Truth  
  42. My Friend and I Are One  
  43. When I Sleep, in Dreams  
  44. Injurious Distance  
  45. My Life Being Made of Four, with Two Alone  
  46. Quest of Thoughts  
  47. A League Is Took  
  48. Within the Gentle Closure  
  49. Defects and Audit  
  50. Bloody Spur  
  51. Give Him Leave to Go  
  52. Sweet Up-locked Treasure  
  53. What is Your Substance?  
  54. Deep a Dye  
  55. Quick Fire Shall Burn  
  56. Sad Interim  
  57. How Happy You Make Those  
  58. The Imprisoned Absence  
  59. Invention Bear Amiss  
  60. Time Doth Transfix  
  61. Play the Watchman  
  62. Tanned Antiquity  
  63. These Black Lines  
  64. Interchange of State  
  65. Rocks Impregnable  
  66. Simple-Truth Miscalled Simplicity  
  67. Him She Stores  
  68. Golden Tresses  
  69. Thy Odor Matcheth Not Thy Show  
  70. Unstained Prime  
  71. I am dead, I am Fled  
  72. My Name Be Buried where My Body Is  
  73. Death’s Second Self  
  74. That Fell Arrest Without All Bail  
  75. A Miser and His Wealth  
  76. Dressing Old Words New  
  77. Waste Blacks  
  78. Every Alien Pen  
  79. My Sick Muse Doth Give Another Place  
  80. A Better Spirit Doth Use Your Name  
  81. Your Epitaph to Make  
  82. Without Attaint  
  83. Barren Tender of a Poet’s Debt 
  84. Your Equal Grew  
  85. Golden Quill  
  86. Compeers by Night  
  87. In Sleep a King  
  88. Double Vantage  
  89. Too Much Profane  
  90. Compared with Loss  
  91. Me Most Wretched Make  
  92. A Happy Title  
  93. Eve’s Apple  
  94. Lilies that Fester  
  95. Budding Name  
  96. Queen the Basest Jewel  
  97. Teeming Autumn Big with Rich Increase  
  98. Proud Pied April  
  99. Forward Violet  
  100. Skill and Argument  
  101. Neglect of Truth  
  102. Merchandized Love  
  103. Blunt Invention  
  104. A Dial Hand  
  105. Three Themes in One  
  106. Praise of Ladies Dead  
  107. The Prophetic Soul  
  108. Nothing Sweet Boy  
  109. Myself Bring Water for My Stain  
  110. Sold Cheap  
  111. Dyer’s Hand  
  112. Dispense and Profound Abysm  
  113. Maketh Mine Untrue  
  114. Monarch’s Plague  
  115. Creep in Twixt Vows  
  116. Ever Fixed Mark  
  117. Book Wilfulness and Errors  
  118. Eager Compounds  
  119. Siren Tears, Mercury Drops  
  120. Our Night of Woe  
  121. I Am that I Am  
  122. Full Charactered Tables  
  123. Pyramids Built Up  
  124. Short Numbered Hours  
  125. Suborned Informer  
  126. My Lovely Boy  
  127. Raven Black  
  128. Saucy Jacks  
  129. Had, Having, and in Quest  
  130. With False Compare  
  131. Nothing Art Thou Black  
  132. Two Morning Eyes  
  133. My Next Self  
  134. Sue a Friend Came Debtor  
  135. Seven Wills, Italicized and Capitalized  
  136. My Name is Will  
  137. False Plague Transferred  
  138. Her False Speaking Tongue  
  139. Rid My Pain with Looks  
  140. Their Physicians Know  
  141. Makes Me Sin, Awards Me Pain  
  142. Beds’ Revenues of Their Rents  
  143. Mother’s Part Kiss Me  
  144. Better Angel, Worser Spirit  
  145. Gentle Doom  
  146. My Sinful Earth  
  147. Love Nurses the Disease  
  148. Foul Faults  
  149. Myself with Thee Partake  
  150. Thy Worst All Best Exceeds  
  151. My Gross Body’s Treason 
  152. Thy Bed-vow Broke 
  153. Sad Distempered Guest  
  154. I My Mistress’ Thrall  

Virgilian Lottery
  1. Venus and Adonis  
  2. Venus and Adonis (Full)  
  3. Rape of Lucrece  
  4. Rape of Lucrece (Full)  
  5. Shake-speares Sonnets, Two-12-Pyramid  
  6. Shake-speares Sonnets, One-17-Pyramid  
  7. A Lover’s Complaint  
  8. Ghost of Lucrece by Thomas Middleton  
  1. Barlaam and Josaphat, Source of Portia’s Casket Lottery  
  2. The Pecorone of Ser Giovanni, The Merchant of Venice